A Higher Profile
After an extensive inspection revealed severe corrosion to the substructure of a low-lying bridge over salt water in Norfolk, Virginia, engineers devised a retrofit that included vertical...

Twin Crossings
The Hungerford Bridge actually comprises twin pedestrian bridges that are being constructed on either side of an operational 19th century railway bridge over the River Thames in London....

The Viable Alternative
The Benicia-Martinez Bridge is a high-level, welded deck truss bridge that carries Interstate 680 over the eastern end of the Carquinez Strait near San Francisco. To bring the bridge into...

Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Flow Around Bridge Sub-Structures

Substructures Stack Up (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
As part of a 1997 research project sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, the University of Texas at Austin Center for Transportation...

Characterization of Track Substructure Performance

Sizing Up Seismic Bearings
Today in the U.S., there are two general technologies available to protect new and existing bridges from the damaging effects of earthquakes. One type, seismic isolation bearings, provide...

Effects of Substructure on Track Performance

Advanced Computational Model for Sacrificial Cathodic Protection of Partially Submerged Reinforced Concrete Marine Footers

Practical Application of Cathodic Protection Systems for Reinforcing Steel Substructures in Marine Environment

Mix Use Entertainment/Office Tower with Multiple Substructures

Clam River Dam Unit 3 Powerhouse Rehabilitation

Innovative Design and Construction for Foundations and Substructures Subject to Freezing and Frost
This proceedings, Innovative Design and Construction for Foundations and Substructures Subject to Freezing and Frost, consists of papers presented...

Parallel Structural Analysis with Computers and Engineers

Investigation of Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction

High Performance Highway Bridge Substructures

Dynamic Sub-Structure Method in Time Domain Using Analytical Representation of Dynamic Stiffness of Soil

Dynamic Interaction Between Embedded Foundations by the Substructure Deletion Method

Damage Estimation Using Substructural Identification in Time Domain

Application of Vortex Induced Vibration to Bridge Substructures





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