2-Chlorophenol Biodegradation in Sequencing Batch Reactors at Different Temperatures

Anaerobic Biodegradation of Chloroform under Methanogenic Conditions
The degradation of chloroform is studied for two different methanogenic cultures grown on acetate and methanol exclusively, as the primary substrates. In chemostats, chloroform was fed...

Biotransformation of Pesticides in Simulated Groundwater Columns
Experiments were performed to investigate the biotransformation of the pesticides alachlor, propachlor, atrazine, and bromacil under aerobic and nitrate-reducing conditions. Glass bead...

A Preliminary Evaluation of Transport Mechanisms for Multiple Substrates in a Laboratory Column System

Sonar Mapping of Giant Kelp Density and Distribution
The methods of estimating the density and distribution of giant kelp, Macrocystic pyrifera, and substrate type, using side-scanning and down-looking sonar are described. These techniques...

Vulnerability of the U.S. to Future Sea Level Rise
The differential vulnerability of the conterminous United States to future sea level rise from greenhouse climate warming is assessed, using a coastal hazards data base. This data base...

Substrate Effects on Methanotrophic Trichloroethylene Degradation
Formate up to 1g/L had no significant enhancing effect on the degradation of trichloroethylene (TCE) by three mixed enrichments of methane-oxidizing bacteria. Methanol did not enhance...

Sediment Intrusion into the Substrate of Gravel Bed Streams
A physically-based model was developed to simulate the intrusion of fine sediments into stream gravel substrates and its effects on intragravel flow. The model is capable of simulating...

Substrate Inhibition and Control for High Rate Biogas Production

Influence of Adsorbtion on Biofilm Development

A Mathematical Model for the RBC Based on Heterogeneous Kinetics

Kinetics of the Rotating Biological Contactor

Fixed-Film Anaerobic Digestion

Qualitative Models for Marine Environmental Assessment

Los Angeles Harbor Kelp Transplant Project





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