Flow Structures and Mixing Processes Around Porous and Submerged Spur Dikes

Characteristics of Flow Over Submerged Breakwaters

Model Scale Measurements of Ice Loads on a Submerged Turret Loading (STL) Tanker

The Submerged Hydraulic Jump Downstream Sluice Weir

Assessment of Risks of Flooding by Use of a Two-Dimensional Model
In case of rare floods, the rivers might go far away from their minor bed, submerging large areas, eventually with relatively high velocities. One-dimensional models are not suitable to...

Grade-Control Structures for Salt River Channelization
Soil cement grade-control structures have been designed and constructed in conjunction with channelization projects along the Salt River in Phoenix, Arizona. The structures were designed...

Navy Submarine Wharf Design, Pearl Harbor

Hydraulic Model Investigation of Submerged Vanes for the Intake Structure at Fort Calhoun Station

Comparison of the Stochastic Nature of Stress at a Pipe and an Impinging Jet Boundary

Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction Behavior in Submerged Sands

Scattering of Waves by Submerged Shell with Oscillator: Tail Wags Dog

Modelling the Effect of Verticl Flow-Developer on Ice Cover

Biological Removal of Heavy Metals by Sulfate Reduction Using a Submerged Packed Tower

Scale Effect on Impulsive Wave Forces and Reduction by Submerged Breakwater

Wave Attenuation at the Mobile Stable Berm
This paper describes work examining the ability of submerged berms to `filter' certain erosive wave energy while allowing accretionary type waves to pass unhindered. Analysis of wave data...

Model-Prototype Conformance of a Submerged Vortex in the Intake of a Vertical Turbine Pump
Submerged vortices are commonly found in sump intakes of vertical turbine pumps. These vortices are known to cause increased vibration and at times degrade pump performance. Approach flow...

Wet Mix Shotcrete Used in Subsea Tunnel Environments
To reject the claim that the use of accelerator in shotcrete reduces the compressive strength with time, lately cored samples were taken from an 18 to 19 years old concrete. A wet mixed...

Geothermal and Hydropower Production in Iceland
This paper will first consider the technical aspects of both hydropower and geothermal power production in Iceland. Then the economic consequences of the alternative utilization of these...

Submergence, Salt-Water Intrusion, and Managed Gulf Coast Marshes
Many coastal marshes are managed to improve wildlife habitat. Simultaneous salt-water intrusion and rapid submergence in Louisiana place additional demands on marsh managers and may become...

Geomorphological and Geological Evolution of the Quaternary Nile Delta and its Rate of Subsidence
Three-dimensional geomorphological models have been constructed for the Nile Delta, simply illustrate its development and geologic evolution from the Late Pliocene to Recent. This attempt...





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