Analysis of Concentric Stiffened Cylinders

Discontinuous Turbidity Currents and Powder Snow Avalanches

Fluid/Structure Interaction During Seismic Excitation
Hydrodynamic loading and other fluid/structure interaction effects need to be considered in the design of structures which contain, surround, or are submerged in fluids when subject to...

Forced Vibrations of a Submerged Fluid-Filled Elastic Shell

Dynamic Response of a Submerged Prolate Spheroidal Shell to a Longitudinal Shock Wave

Design of Submerged and Floating Structures
The objective of this paper is to present an overview of the state-of-the-art of ice engineering as applied to submerged and floating structures. Five specific design studies are reviewed,...

Bending Moments on Long Partially Submerged Cylinders in Random Seas

Maximum Wave Force on a Horizontal Cylinder

Wave Forces on a Submerged Cylinder Near a Plane Boundary

Modified Reel Methods for Subsea Arctic Pipelines

Use of Fjords for Disposal of Mine Tailing

Forced Vibrations of a Submerged Elastic Shell

Seismic Response of Submerged Oil Storage Tank

Localized Scour Below Submerged Vertical Gates

Mapping and Surveying Florida's Submerged Lands

Herbicides and Submerged Plants in Chesapeake Bay

Sediment Dispersion from a Submerged Pipeline

The Fully Submerged Foil

Response of Submerged Shells with Internally Attached Structures to Shock Loadings

Implications of Submergence for Coastal Engineers





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