Hydrologic Comparison of Four Types of Permeable Pavement and Standard Asphalt in Eastern North Carolina
A permeable pavement parking lot in eastern North Carolina consisting of four types of permeable pavement and standard asphalt was monitored from June 2006 to July 2007 for hydrologic...

Water Resources: Flow of Treated Effluent to Generate Electricity

Water Resources: California Reservoir Would Capture 'Nonstorable' Flows from Colorado River

Some Case Histories of Pile Foundations in Permafrost
Foundations for permafrost conditions should conform to one of three basic design principles: keep it frozen, let it thaw, or thaw the ground before construction. To keep the permafrost...

NewsBriefs: California to Restore San Joaquin River Flow (San Francisco Chronicle)

Transportation: Chicago DOT Repairs Skyway, Maintains Traffic Flow

Modeling Post Wildfire Floods Using Mike

Managing Flows to Protect Cold-Water Fisheries in the Delaware River Basin

Effects of Agricultural Drainage on the Baseflow in the Minnesota River Basin

Experimental p-y Model for Submerged, Stiff Clay

NewsBriefs: Traffic to Flow Faster on New Jersey Bridge (Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Water Resources: Los Angeles Agrees to Restore Flows to Owens River

Water Treatment: Bioswale Filters Flow to Willamette River

Headcut Analysis for Off-Channel Gravel Pits in Arid Environments
The study focuses on a large gravel pit located adjacent to the Santa Cruz River between the confluences with the Rillito and Canada del Oro rivers in Tucson, Arizona. These gravel pits...

Stochastic Analysis of the Truckee River Flow System
The Truckee River system is a complex system that involves a number of hydraulic structures such as natural and artificial lakes and reservoirs and diversions. Streamflow data have been...

Construction: Engineers Relocate Historically Important Submarine

What Is Hydraulic Engineering?
This paper, written to mark ASCE's 150th anniversary, traces the role of hydraulic engineering from early or mid-twentieth-century to the beginning of the twenty-first century....

Unleashing the Flow
A 70-year-old, two-lane roadway that stretches from Miami to Tamp Bay is impeding the flow of water through the Everglades. By studying eight possible solutions in detail, engineers determined...

Impact of Ground Water Management on the Hydropattern of Wetlands
In this paper, we examine the effect of altering the pumping rates of a large municipal well field, on the hydropattern of the near by PENSUCO wetland. A flow model developed earlier using...

Practical Groundwater and Conjunctive Water Optimization
The Simulation/Optimization MOdeling System (SOMOS) makes it easy to do groundwater optimization modeling for a variety of scales and situations. The SOMOA module uses analytical equations,...





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