New Shear Stud Provisions for Composite Beam Design
The 2005 American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (AISC 2005) will contain significant changes to the shear connector provisions for...

Tubular Steel Walls for Residential Construction

A New Shear Stud Connector Proposal

Shear Connection in Composite Beams - Influence of Steel Deck Shape

The Shear Resistance of Headed Studs Used with Profiled Steel Sheeting

Shrinkage and Flexural Tests of a Full-Scale Composite Truss

Non-Headed Studs as Shear Connectors for CFST Columns

'Super-Element' to Represent the Behavior of Architectural Stud Partition Walls

Cyclical Behavior of Welded Steel Shear Studs
Four specimens of composite steel and concrete beams were experimentally tested to obtain the cyclical behavior of the welded steel shear stud. This information may be used for the analysis...

Composite Beams and Joists
Composite beams and joists used as flexural members in multistory steel-frame buildings are considered. Research results have shown that present design values for headed shear studs, used...

The Innovative Concept of Semi-rigid Composite Beam
This paper discusses invention and development of a new type of composite beam called 'Semi-rigid Composite Beam.' This new type of beam is expected to behave better than presently used...

The Connecting Method of Steel and Concrete Using Long Deformed Bar Studs
A new welding technique for long horizontal studs of 19 mm and 22 mm diameters was established. The transmission of shearing and bending forces was evaluated using large model tests. Actual...

The Steel Deck Institute Method for Composite Slab Design
The Steel Deck Institute (SDI) of the USA has synthesized the composite slab research and testing that has been conducted in the U.S. during the past 25 years and has presented a design...

Influence on Steel Deck on Composite Beam Strength
Results of a recent study were described in which 7 push-out tests and 4 composite beam tests were conducted. The results were consistent with other recent studies reported in the literature,...

Composite Beams with Headed Studs in Narrow Ribbed Metal Deck
This paper presents the results of sixteen push-out tests conducted to study the behavior of headed stud connectors in composite beams with narrow ribbed metal deck placed parallel to...

Construction of Composite Floor Systems in Buildings

Composite Beams with Perpendicular Ribbed Metal Deck

Behavior of Long-Span Composite Joists

Analysis of Masonry Veneer and Steel Stud Walls

Effect of Boundary Conditions on Stud Connector Forces in Composite Systems





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