Building Knowledge (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
The Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (ITLL) at the University of Colorado provides hands-on engineering lessons for students. Electrical, HVAC, structural, illumination, and...

Cyclic Bar Behavior Viewed by Video Imagery

Wave Transmission and Set-Up at Detached Breakwaters

Composite Modeling of an Offshore Breakwater Scheme in the UKCRF

CRF Study of Wave Kinematics in Front of Coastal Structures

Suspended Sediment Response to Wave Reflection

A Field Investigation of Functional Design Parameter Influence on Groin Performance: The Great Lakes Groin Performance Experiment

Interaction of Floating Breakwaters with the 2DH Hydrodynamic Processes in the Coastal Zone

Field Measurements of Wave Transmission Through a Rubble Mound Breakwater

Beach Variability Behind Detached Breakwaters

Large-Scale Hydrodynamic Experiments on Submerged Breakwaters

Modeling of Hydrodynamic and Morphological Effects of Submerged Breakwaters on the Nearshore Region

Modeling Spatial Structure: Accessibility Interactions in Metropolitan Regions in Developing Countries

Operational Modeling System with Dynamic-Wave Routing

Diffraction and Refraction of Multi-Directional Waves

Numerical Modeling of Coastal Flooding

WaMoS II: An Operational Wave Monitoring System

Wave Motion over a Multiple-Plate Breakwater

Wave Elevation Prediction Based on Pressure Measurements

Energy Dissipation of Low-Crested Breakwaters





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