Negative Bending Tests of High-Performance Steel-485W Bridge Girders

Architectural Coatings for Repair and Protection of Concrete Facades

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcements of Laminated Veneer Lumber: Bond Strength and Durability Issues

Testing and Evaluation of a Concrete Sandwich Panel System

Analysis of the Catastrophic Failure of the Support Structure of a Changeable Message Sign

Electrical Substation Structure Design Guide: A Panel Presentation

A Multimedia CD-ROM Based Instructional Tool for the Design of Temporary Structures

Allowable Stress Design (ASD): The Design Method of Choice for Engineered Temporary Structures

The Technology of Final Tensioning Fabric Structures

Structural Reliability of Plank Decks

Sequential Experiments for Test Minimization

Evaluation of Nail Dowel Bearing Strength Expression

Development of a Novel Nail Plate Connection System for Ready-to-Assemble Wood Structures

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Specification for the Oklahoma City Myriad

Design Models of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Connections

Traffic Signal Structure Research at the University of Wyoming

Validation and Verification of a Nonlinear Reinforced Concrete Structure Model Using Precision Test Data

Bomb Blast Damage to a Concrete-Framed Office Building: Ceylinco House, Columbo, Sri Lanka

Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for Wood from an Industry Perspective: How Loaded is It?

The Joint Committee on Structural Safety (JCSS) Probabilistic Model Code for New and Existing Structures





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