Civil Engineering Magazine Archive
The Civil Engineering Magazine Archive provides a record of civil engineering achievements and professional issues published in Civil Engineering Magazine, the official publication of the American Society...


Safety Concepts and Risk Management

Roles of Regulations and Standards

Load Modeling

Reliability Analysis

Reliability-Based Design

Reliability-Based Service Life Prediction and Durability in Structural Safety Assessment

Soils and Foundations

Assessment of Existing Structures

Quality Management of Structural Design

Human Error in Constructed Projects

NewsBriefs: Joint Program to Strengthen Science (Water Environment Federation)

Reaching for the Sky
Tapei 101—soon to open its doors as the world's tallest building—will resist devastating typhoons, earthquakes, and sway with an ingenious system of outrigger trusses, supercolumns,...

Making the Grade
Adding two lanes to a stretch of highway in western Colorado required excavation on slopes and involved micropiles, mechanically stabilized earth walls, ground anchors, and soil nails....

Structures: Final World Trade Center Tower Design Is Safe, 'Green,' and Sculptural

ASCE Board Proposes New Governance Model to Better Lead the Profession into the Future; Members to Vote on Model in June National Elections

Structures: Gehry Designs Expansion for Canadian Art Gallery

Storm-Water Management: The Convertible Tunnel: Malaysian Project to Double as Storm Drain

Technology: Glassy Metals May Be the Structural Material of the Future





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