Structural Engineering: Stadium Updated for Washington Nationals

Structural Engineering: Renovation of Staten Island Terminal Features Rooftop Arch

The Modular Modeling System (MMS): A Toolbox for Water- and Environmental-Resources Management

Flood Frequency Prediction: A Methodology for Identifying Structural Uncertainty

Board Plan May be First Step in Launch of Building Security Council

Structural Engineering: Design of Arkansas Museum to Emphasize Sustainability

Buildings: Redesigned Freedom Tower Addresses Security Concerns

Behind the Scenes: How the Building Security Council Was Born

Cold Regions: United Kingdom Unveils Mobile, Modular Antarctic Station

Creativity in Structural Engineering

Forensic Engineering: Lack of Reinforced-Concrete Walls Cited in Earthquake Building Failure

Structural Engineering: Louisiana, Mississippi Rush to Repair Highways Damaged by Hurricane Katrina

Structural Engineering: Nashville Concert Hall Features Unique Acoustic Elements

Structural Engineering: Novel Braced Frames Will Help Salt Lake City Hospital Withstand Earthquakes

Structural Engineering: Design of Shanghai Skyscraper Altered

Structures: Dehumidification System Implemented on Swedish Bridge

NewsBriefs: Seawall Protects City From Tsunami (BBC News)

NewsBriefs: Designers Get Creative In Making Buildings Secure (Cox News Service)

Guidelines for Evaluating Earth Retaining Systems

Analysis of Dynamic Laterally Loaded Pile in Clay
Deflections of laterally loaded pile groups are strongly affected by the degree of pile head fixity. If the cap provides perfect restraint against rotation, deflections are only about...





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