Astrophysicist Creates Lunar Dust Concrete

Underground Space: One Answer to the Future Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change Problems?

Structures Congress 2008
Crossing Borders
The 40th Structures Congress's technical program consists of 10 tracks and three poster sessions. The program covers practical design in the following topic areas including...

Measurement and Analysis of Ice Forces on Cook Inlet Structures

Short Takes: Reno Engineering Students Paddle Concrete Canoe to Victory

NewsBriefs: Poll Finds America's Favorite Structures (The Wall Street Journal)

Historic Preservation: New Drainage System, Structural Improvements Stabilize Historic Virginia House

Hurricane Protection System
This chapter discusses hurricane protection systems. Topics include standard project hurricane, levees and floodwalls, datums and elevations, and interior drainage and pump stations....

A Probabilistic Investigation of Foundation Design for Offshore Gravity Structures

Probabilistic Fatigue Analysis of Fixed Offshore Structures

Stability of Offshore Gravity Structures Foundations by the Upper Bound Method

Structural Engineering: Korean Convention Center Features a Boat-Shaped Roof Design

Structures: Strengthened Parking Garage Supports High-Rise Ice Rinks

People: Budd and Buckley Receive Moles Awards

ASCE Launches Programs to Celebrate 10 Years of Concrete Canoes

Short Takes: Judges Chosen for Concrete Canoe Competition

Structures: Glass and Steel Cloud Redefines Hamburg Harbor

Structures: Glass and Steel Skywalk Cantilevers from Grand Canyon Cliff

Structural Engineering: Diagonal Grid Dome to Crown Scotland's National Arena

Structural Engineering: Environmentalism Meets Art at 55 Baker Street





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