Component Design
This chapter discusses component design. Topics include coupling beam design; beam-wall connection design; and wall pier design....

Alternative Hybrid Wall Systems
This chapter discusses alternative hybrid wall systems. Topics include unbonded post-tensioned coupled wall systems; steel coupling beam with fuse; and composite shear plate coupling beam....

CoreBits: Allied Organizations—Design, Analysis, and Failures of Geosynthetically Reinforced Retaining Walls and Steep Soil Slopes Short Course; New Search Tool to Find ASFE Case Histories

NewsBriefs: New Findings on Concrete Absorption of CO2

Planning Approval Granted for Luxury Hotel Near Heathrow Airport

People: Easterling Named Montague-Betts Professor of Structural Steel Design

NewsBriefs: New Research Center Focuses on Concrete Sustainability

Cypress Tree, Chinese Fan Inspire Designs of Tianjin Structures

Tallest Building in Vietnam to Feature Cantilevered Helipad, Lotus Design

Hotel Straddles New York's 'High Line' Park

Pedestrian Bridge Features Crisscrossing 'Weave' of Steel Strands

Two Temporary Pavilions in Chicago Celebrate Centennial Of Burnham's Plan

150m Tall 'Tent' Designed as Kazakh Entertainment Center

Structures: Stuttgart Parking Garage Spans Major Highway

Infrastructure: Underwater Cable to Improve Electricity Transmission to San Francisco

NewsBriefs: Concrete Laitance Discovered in Recently Constructed Bridge (Wisconsin Department of Transportation)

Structural Engineering: Faceted Tower Extends above Historic Church

Structures: A New Design for Design School

Estimation of Curve Numbers for Concrete and Asphalt
All impervious surfaces are assigned a Curve Number (CN) of 98. However, no field or experimental evidence exists (to our knowledge) that shows why the impervious CN was assigned a value...

Hydrologic Comparison of Four Types of Permeable Pavement and Standard Asphalt in Eastern North Carolina
A permeable pavement parking lot in eastern North Carolina consisting of four types of permeable pavement and standard asphalt was monitored from June 2006 to July 2007 for hydrologic...





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