Development and Use of Force Pulse Train Generators

A Fault-Rupture Propagation Model for Ground Motion Simulation

Challenges and Risks of Jet Grouting in a Congested Urban Environment
In the heart of London, one of Europe's largest jet grouting contracts is nearing completion. The jet grouting is part of the overall 7-year-long upgrade project to London...

Is There a Movement Toward Three-dimensional Slope Stability Analyses?
Over the past few years, interest in performing three-dimensional (3-D) slope stability analyses has surged. An increasing number of research papers on this topic are being published at...

Interactive Graphics Dynamic Analysis of Frames

Dynamic Stability of Statically Pre-Loaded Systems

Dynamic Analysis of Equipment Structure Systems

Case Study of Offshore Pile System Reliability
This paper presents the results of research effort to evaluate the reliability of offshore pile foundation systems. It is an extension of previous work by the authors [14] dealing with...

Hybrid Modelling of Seismic Structure Interaction

Dynamic Interaction of Liquid Storage Tanks and Foundation Soil

Engineering Approximations for the Dynamic Behavior of Deeply Embedded Foundations

Cyclic Response of Steel-Stud Framed Wall Panels

Calculated Examples of Long-Span Bridge Response to Wind

Dynamic Torsional Response of Symmetric Structures

Wind Loading and Response of a High-Rise Building

Measurements of On-Site Dynamic Parameters for Seismic Evaluations

Resistance of Hardened Box-Type Structures

Dynamic Stresses From Experimental and Modal Analyses

Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Methods

Back-Analysis in Tunneling: Current State and Future Endeavors





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