Nailing A Landslide (Available only in the Geo/Environmental Special Issue)
When mud flows in California threatened to stop traffic on a freeway and erode a street from below, Caltrans worked around the clock to stabilize the slope using soil nailing and shotcrete....

Rehabilitation of the South Tenth Street Bridge

Routing Applications Developed in a GIS Environment

Piggyback Tunnels
Coincidental alignments of the Central Artery Tunnel and the Transitway subway line under the streets of Dewey Square in Boston presented the sponsoring agencies with a rare opportunity...

A Practical Application of Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for the Baltimore Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Power Booster
With many utilities caught in a vise between semiobsolete facilities and demands for cleaner power, the $578 million Manchester Street repowering project is setting an example for an aging...

Changeable Message Sign Options for City Street Installations

Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Local Streets and Roads: The Local Agencies' Dilemma

Measuring the Bicyclist Stress Level of Streets

Bike Lanes versus Wide Curb Lanes: Applications and Observations

Integration of Light Rail Into City Streets

Persuasive Approach to Master Planning Street Widening: City of Stockton: A Case Study

Use of Non-Relational Data in a GIS Accident Pin Map

Safety Management of Local Streets and Roads

Evaluating the Efficacy of A Microwave Traffic Sensor in New York City's Freeway and Street Network

Bridge, Pavement, and Safety Management Systems: An Overview for Local Roads and Streets

Rehabbing Bridges Under Traffic
Four urban examples demonstrate how an owner's decision to keep it open during rehabilitation construction forces the designers to contend with an extra set of problems. Reanchoring...

Seismic Evaluation of the Macy Street Bridge, Los Angeles, California, Using 3-D Nonlinear Pushover Methodologies
Nonlinearity of the overall bridge response has begun to be incorporated in the design process through a method known as nonlinear static pushover analysis, and this step is now being...

Measurement and Automatic Control of Chlorination
Chlorination is perhaps the most commonly utilized process for wastewater effluent disinfection. In Houston's plants sodium hypochlorite solution (bleach) is mixed with secondary effluent...

Design & Construction of the Liberty Street Bridge Earth Support System





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