Street Smarts
Sensors, cameras, and other technologies are helping cities monitor and manage their streets better. Data from such "smart streets" are enabling engineers and other transportation experts to improve safety...

Emergency Retaining Wall Replacement: The East 26th Street Slide Repair in Baltimore, MD
During a record rainfall on April 30, 2014, a century-old, stone retaining wall between a dense urban roadway (26th Street) and the CSXT railroad track in Baltimore, MD, failed. The stone retaining wall...

Extreme Makeover: Interchange Gets Ground Improvement Facelift
As part of the massive, $159.9 million Interchange 14A Improvement Project in the cities of Bayonne and Jersey City, NJ, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) is realigning 12 ramps and roadways and...

Underpinning and Shoring of the Historic Howard Theatre in Washington, DC
The Howard Theatre was constructed in 1910 at 620 T Street, NW in Washington, DC. In 2010, a group of sponsoring organizations and developers put together a $17.1 million plan to revitalize...

Pioneer Square Areaways
Pioneer Square, one of the earliest neighborhoods in Seattle, is adjacent to Elliott Bay. Much ofthis part of the city originally was built on existing land that used to get flooded. When...

Diffuse Pollution in Oxford (Ohio, USA) Watershed and Performance of Street Sweeping as a Best Management Practice (BMP)

On the New Waterfront
The Hoboken South Waterfront along the Hudson River is being relandscaped to create parks and streets on new and existing deck structures in a joint project of the city of Hoboken, New...

Operation and Use of the Integrated Public Transportation Network of Curitiba, Brazil
In the worldwide search for intermediate transportation solutions between the bus and subway, the city of Curitiba, Brazil has achieved unusual levels of performance and quality. Curitiba...

The Final Connection
In 1969, New York City Transit (NYCT) began construction of a new subway to link Manhattan to east Queens. But funding issues prevented this 63rd Street Line from being completed as planned...

A Practical Application of Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for the Baltimore Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Seismic Retrofit of the Poplar Street Bridge

The Arch Bridge Mystery
For some years, concrete from the Manayunk Bridge—a long-idle, spandrel-arch railroad bridge in Philadelphia—had been spalling toward the streets and river below. While a system of nets...

Community-Based Street Design Standards

Creating Livable Street Design Guidelines for Metro's 2040 Growth Concept and Regional Transportation Plan

Does Increased Street Connectivity Improve the Operation of Regional Streets? Case Studies from the Portland Metro Regional Street Design Study

Planning Road Projects with Community Needs in Mind

Multimodal Impact Fees

Entrance to Aspen LRT: Main Street Design Report

A Study on Time-Space Occupancy Exposure Volume Index for the Residential Streets Interacted by Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic Streams

City of Duluth Long Term Street Improvement Program-History





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