Resolving the Water Wars: The Compacts Between Alabama, Florida, and Georgia
(No paper) Several water supply proposals on behalf of Georgia have caused a water rights ?war? which pits Alabama and Florida against Georgia in the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, and Flint...

Hatchie River and Schoharie Creek Bridge Failures

Indian River Inlet: Is There a Solution?

Quantitative Techniques for Stream Stability Analysis

Bridge Scour Prediction Methods Applicable to Streams in Pennsylvania

Specific Features of Design and Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge over River Ob in Western Siberia (Russia)

Scales of Variability along the Columbia River Littoral Cell

Determination of Bridge Scour Velocity in an Estuary

River Restoration Considerations Beyond Channel Design

Computer Simulation of River Channel Changes at a Bridge Crossing on a Point Bar

Bridge Scour During the 1993 Floods in the Upper Mississippi River Basin

Maryland SHA Procedure for Estimating Scour at Bridge Abutments, Part 1 -Live Bed Scour

Traditional Engineering Takes a Turn for the Future Decommissioning Dams and Restoring Ecological Integrity
(No paper) This paper will address the emerging shift evaluating the true value of dams and the importance of including the costs of the initial construction and investments required for...

Applying Ecological Criteria for Stream Biota and an Impact Flow Model for Evaluating Sustainable Urban Water Resources in Southern Ontario

Strengthening with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement in the U.S.: Experiments or Main Stream Technology? A Contractor's Viewpoint

Receiving Water Quality Indicators for Judging Stream Improvement

The Tualatin River: A Water Quality Challenge

Restoring Urban Streams in Atlanta: Metro Atlanta Urban Watersheds Initiative

The Consequences of Vessel Impacts on the Mississippi River Bridges in New Orleans

How Can We `Improve Coordination' of Water Resource Planning with the Endangered Species Act?





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