Application of the NRC Framework for Evaluation of Remedial Actions at a PCB Contaminated Sediment Site
The National Research Council recently proposed that the framework of the Presidents/Congressional Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management be applied to the selection and implementation...

A Culvert for Abram Creek
To enable Cleveland's airport to expand, a mile-long section of stream located within a deep, steep ravine needed to be buried. The resulting culvert required a design that...

Environmental Restoration: Conservation Groups to Remove Dams on Penobscot River

Book Review: Value Stream Management for the Lean Office: Eight Steps to Planning, Mapping, and Sustaining Lean Improvements in Administrative Areas by Don Tapping and Tom Shuker. New York: Productivity Press, 2002

NewsBriefs: Corps Begins River Restoration Project (U.S. EPA)

Rebuilding the Winter Garden
The terrorist attacks of September 11 partially destroyed the Winter Garden, a majestic public apace that connected the World Trade Center to the Hudson River waterfront on the perimeter...

Bridges: Steel Bridge Launched over Iowa River

Water Resources: California Loses Share of Colorado River

Environmental Engineering: Providence River Dredging Project Set to Begin

Storm Water: Water Quality Trading Program Seeks to Restore Natural River Flows

Water Resources: Colorado River Aqueduct Shut Down for Sweeping Repairs

A River Runs through It
The new stadium under construction for the New England Patriots is architecturally and structurally unique, but it is also attracting attention for another reason: the restoration of a...

Tunneling into the Future
The Chattahoochee Tunnel will increase the wastewater transport capacity of a suburban Atlanta county while greatly reducing the possibility of sanitary sewer overflows into the Chattahoochee...

Changing Lanes
The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) plans to relocate Interstate 195 in downtown Providence began as a safety improvement project but has since grown into an ambitious...

Water Resources: Chemicals Prevalent in U.S. Streams

Changing Channels
When the strict design parameters of a correctional facility in remote Pennsylvania meant blocking a headwater stream, a team of environmental engineers rerouted the waterway 400 ft (122...

Environment: Corps Joins Partnership to Sustain Health of America's Rivers

Landmarks in American Civil Engineering History: Reversal of the Chicago River

A Major Water Main Crossing of the Ohio River at Cincinnati
This presentation chronicles a major water main crossing of the Ohio River at Cincinnati. The project is of interest because it provides for the interstate sale of drinking water and technical...

Sediment and Nutrient Monitoring and Modeling in Lake Tahoe Basin, California, U.S.A.
The water quality of Trout Creek, South Lake Tahoe, California is monitored to assess the system's response to stream restoration. It is the principal endeavor to conduct a systematic...





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