A Simplified Estimate of Seismic Soil Strain for Lifeline Systems

Modernization of the Begoña Irrigation District Operation

Measurements of Cross Section Integrated Sediment Transport Rate in the Nile River

Rating Tidal Bridges for Vulnerability to Scour Damage

Hazard Rating for Low Drops

Simulation of the Accuracy of Current Meters

Tracking a Serial Filter
The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District in northern California conducted pilot testing of extreme/high-rate serial filtration (EHRSF) to see if the process could meet water treatment...

Pile Foundation Stiffness as a Function of Free-Field or Near-Field Soil Strain

Measuring the Bicyclist Stress Level of Streets

Estimation of Transition Probabilities From Facility Condition Ratings

Ratcheting Flow of Granular Materials

Effects of Test Methods on the Cyclic Deformation Characteristics of High Quality Undisturbed Gravel Samples

SOS For Small-Town SSOs
No matter why a small town confronts its sanitary-sewer-overflow problems, solutions are bound by the town's own resources. For two Midwestern towns, hindsight shows that...

Study of Interaction Between Pneumatic Spherical and Cylindrical Form Shells Subjected to Wind Pressure
In the design of pneumatic membrane structures, analysis of stress and deformations of structures subjected to wind is among the most important requirements. For the purpose of studying...

Snap Buckling of a Delaminated Layer in a Composite Cylinder
We investigate snap buckling of a thin delaminated layer on the inner surface of a contracting thick cylinder. Finite-deflection solutions of the layer with or without considering the...

Late Stage Damage in G30-500/PMR-15 Laminates
Damage progression has been studied experimentally under tension using [02/906]s...

Physical Model Tests of Dolos Impact Stresses
An on-going experimental study to determine impact stresses and static nesting stresses in instrumented large scale model dolosse is described in this paper. Seven dolosse were instrumented...

Load Rate Effects on Concrete Compressive Strength
Plain concrete cylindrical specimens from six different concrete mixes, 51 mm in length and diameter, were tested in compression quasi-statically at strain rates between 10-6/sec...

Monitoring of Structures During Repair of Underground Utilities
A collapse of underground utilities at a power plant required the constant monitoring of the surrounding structures during excavation and replacement of the damaged pipes. A computer-based...

High-Strain Kinetic Testing of Deep Foundations
High-strain kinetic testing involves the upward decelerating or accelerating of a mass and using its inertial force to axial prolonged pulse at the head of a pile. Currently available...





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