Review of Composite Analysis Methods for High Temperature Applications
This paper addresses a number of unique problems encountered in the stress analysis of high temperature composite materials. The materials used as structures subjected to temperatures...

Effect of High Frequency Response on Fatigue of Offshore Structures
Welded steel specimens have been tested under several loading spectra to determine the effect on fatigue life of high frequency components in the psd of the stress or strain in the joint....

Implementation of 3-D Finite Element Analysis on a Hypercube Computer

Tangent Modulus of Piles Determined from Strain Data
When evaluating measurements of strain or telltale shortening of a pile subjected to loading test, precise knowledge of the 'elastic' modulus is necessary. By means of plotting and analyzing...

BEFEC-A Program for Analysis of U-Lock Structures

Highway Damage Due to Subsidence
In this study subsidence profiles over three longwall panels, which were mined beneath state highways in Southeastern Ohio, were obtained. Immediate and short term subsidences were recorded....

Quantifying Ductility in Continuous Composite Beams

Behaviour of Long Concrete Filled Steel Columns

Stress-Strain Relationship and Strength of Concrete Filled Tubes

Statistics of Concrete Shrinkage Test Data
The paper reports a large series of concrete shrinkage tests which can be used for statistical purposes. The series involves two groups of 36 identical cylindrical specimens, with a diameter...

Endochronic Theory and Non-Llinear Stochastic Dynamics of 3-D Frames
Analytical continuous expressions of the material constitutive law are required by equivalent linearization techniques in nonlinear stochastic dynamics. Extensions to study 3D frames,...

Dynamic Strain in Silt and Effect on Ground Motions

Small-Strain Shear Modulus of Clay

dynamic Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering

21st Century Astronomical Observatories on the Moon
The advantages and disadvantages of building astronomical observatories on the Moon are described. In many ways, the Moon is a superior environment for astronomy to that of the Earth's...

Prediction of Strains in Earthen Covers

Dredged Fill Performance: South Blakeley Island

Monitoring the Effects of the Pipe Insertion Machine Technique
The results of an experimental study of the pipe insertion machine are presented in this paper. Strains induced in an adjacent pipeline, soil displacement, pipe deflection and vibrations...

Polyhedral Substitute Yield Conditions in Plastic Reliability Analysis
The method of invariant linear combinations of linearly associated lower bound safety margins is used for constructing upper bound approximations of the generalized reliability index with...

Dynamic Characteristics of Intact Loess





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