The Danish Program Package for Design and Analysis of Storm Drainage

Annotated Bibliography on Urban Design Storms
This bibliography summarizes significant publications in the area of urban design storms. References are assigned one or more of the following classifications: (1) Time distributions (hyetographs);...

Wave Loads on Vertical Sliding Gates Eastern-Scheldt Barrier

Design of Dunes as Coastal Protection in the Delta Area of the Netherlands

Predictive Computational for Beach and Dune Erosion During Storm Surges

Long-Term Observations of Sediment Transport on the Continental Shelf: East and West Coast of the United States

Frequency of Northeaster Tides in Coastal New York

Continuous Moving Boundary Simulation—Verification of Finite Element Technique

Deterministic and Probabilistic Perspectives of the PMF

Role of AMC in Computing Runoff with Curve Numbers

Design Features and Construction Techniques for Ocean Outfall Scarborough, Maine

The Value of Coastal Dunes as a Form of Shore Protection in California, USA

Methodology for Calculating Wave Heights Associated with Storm Surges Utilized by the National Flood Insurance Program

Storm Surge Modeling in Coastal Flood Plain Management

Coastal Barrier Resources Act and The National Flood Insurance Program

Storm Damage to San Francisco's Ocean Beach Resulting from the January 1983 Storms

Projecting Sea Level Rise to the Year 2100

On Reliability and Active Control of Tension Leg Platforms

Geomorphic Effects of Projected Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of Galveston Bay, Texas

Shoreline Changes Due to Various Sea-Level Rise Scenarios





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