Synthetic Calibration of a Rainfall-Runoff Model
A method for synthetically calibrating storm-mode parameters for the U.S. Geological Survey's Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System is described. Synthetic calibration is accomplished...

Bootstrapping Nonlinear Storm Event Models
A bootstrap method for estimating the parameters of nonlinear storm event models is presented. The method pools (combines) the parameter estimates obtained from fitting computed and observed...

Effect of Barrier Beach Breaching on Harbor Dynamics and Storm Surges
This paper presents a summary of the flood insurance study, commissioned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to determine the 100-year flood elevation for Chatham, a seacoast town...

Stormwater Regulations From Local Governments' View

Retrofitting a Regional Stormwater Facility
The City of Tacoma, Washington, constructed a regional stormwater detention facility in the Leach Creek watershed in 1961 to permit development in the southwest corner of the City while...

Rehabilitation Strategies for Storm Water Drainage Systems

Case History of the North Temple Storm Drain Emergency Rehabilitation

Site Specific Detention Within Watershed Level Stormwater Management

City of Morgan Hill's Stormwater Detention System Supplements County Sponsored PL 566 Program

Infiltration and Overland Flow: Coupled Vs. Uncoupled Modelling

Design of Stormwater Impoundments

Chapter IX Combined Systems

Storm Water Quality in a Houston Area Watershed

Stormwater Management by Utility Approach

Evaluation of Coastal Structures Under 100-Year Event

Teaching Investors To Evaluate Coastal Property

Sediment Transport Processes at Sandbridge, VA
Sandbridge Beach is a primarily residential community located along a 7 km reach of narrow barrier beach. Rates of erosion in this area historically have been high, reaching as much as...

Sensitivity of Non-Point Source Models to Net Rainfall
A sensitivity analysis of the ANSWERS model was conducted to explore the possible impact on model outputs of discretizing rainfall input data into short time increments of various durations....

Economic Impacts of Storm Sewer Design Criteria
This paper discusses the selection of storm sewer design criteria and the resulting economic impacts. Using the Rational Method for calculating design flows, an investigation was made...

Flood Warning Using Wide-Area Computer Networks
Wide-area computer networks are being used with increasing frequency to improve regional response to flood events, coordinate efforts between agencies and communities, and to improve flood...





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