Sensitivity of Currents and Water Evaluations in Tidal Waters to Storm Surge Parameters

Indian River Inlet: Is There a Solution?

Bridge Scour Analysis in Tidal Waterways

Sensitivity of Currents and Water Elevations in Tidal Waters to Storm Surge Parameters

Compliant Towers: Structures that Benefit from Dynamics

Cross-Shore Beach Profile Response to Storm Surge

Cross-Shore Transport Processes during Onshore Bar Migration

Storms, Storm Groups and Nearshore Morphologic Change

Storm-Related Change of the Northern San Mateo County Coast, California

Large-Scale Shoreline Response to Storms and Fair Weather

Storm Impacts and Shoreline Recovery in Southeastern North Carolina: Role of the Geologic Framework

Scaling Winter Storm Impacts on Assateague Island, Maryland, Virginia

Sediment Dynamics and Profile Interactions of a Beach Nourishment Project

Sensitivity of Stormwater Conveyance System Cost to Design Recurrence Interval
(No paper) The cost of a piped and/or swaled stormwater system is determined principally by the storm recurrence interval (e.g., 5-year design storm) used to design it. That is, the present...

Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment for Lifelines, Part 1: Overview and Approach

Ice Storms, Trees and Power Lines

Tree Damage to Electric Utility Infrastructure Assessing and Managing the Risk from Storms

An Innovative Approach to the Rehabilitation of a Collapsed 72-Inch, 90-Foot Deep Storm Sewer in the City of Portland, Oregon

Beach, Dune and Offshore Profile Response to a Severe Storm Event

El Niño Storms and the Morphodynamic Response of Two Cobble Beaches





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