Failure Stages in Timber Fixed Piers: Design for Minimal Reconstruction After a Storm

Multi-Attribute Rehabilitation of Storm or Combined Sewer Systems

Benefits of Hazard Mitigation Planning to Reduce Shoreline Impacts Due to Great Lakes Water Level Management Fluctuations and Severe Storms
Recent experience with flood hazard mitigation planning that encompassed aspects of pre-disaster preparedness and recovery operations have proven to be an effective tool in geographic...

Estimation of Design Surge Heights by Utilizing Meteorologic and Oceanographic Data
Data on cyclonic storm surge height have been generated with the help of a statistical simulation model. Data on observed maximum cyclonic wind speed and the length of the continental...

Comparison of Infiltration Equations Using Flooding Infiltrometer Data
Based on three flooding infiltrometer tests, 27 hydrographs produced by HEC-1 were used to compare peak discharge, time to peak, and storm runoff volume using three infiltration functions....

Why Design Storm Methods Have Become Unethical
This paper discriminates between continuous and event modelling, and describes some dimensions of ethical design for sustainable ecosystems. Arguments are presented that event modelling...

General Urban Runoff Model for Water Quality Investigations
This paper presents and examines a general urban runoff model appropriate for water quality studies. The model is applied to separate runoff source areas and the outfall conditions are...

The Response of a Barred Coast to a Sequence of Storms

Hydrodynamics of Random Wave Boundary Layers

Brief History of the Port of Sines and General Presentation of West Breakwater

Temporary Protection of the West Breakwater of the Port of Sines

Short Synthesis of Some Studies Carried Out for the Repairing of Sines Port West Breakwater

Catastrophic Hurricanes May Become Frequent Events in Caribbean and Along the United States East and Gulf Coasts

Overview of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida

Hurricane Iniki and Typhoon Omar Meteorology

Building Code Enforcement Issues, Hindsight and Foresight

Reducing the Risks of Severe Windstorm Disaster; an International Perspective

The Manufactured Home Dilemma

The Human Impact of Hurricane Iniki

An Overview of the Federal Response to Hurricane Iniki





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