Protective Fender System, Waterfront Park–Louisville, KY

69th Street Composite Pier Design in Brooklyn, NY

High-Strenth Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Offer New Significance to Marine Pier Design

Thermally-Enhanced Bioventing at a Cold Regions UST Site: A Case Study

CAD Design Expedites Environmentally Friendly Project for CCWA

Impact of the Car Sharing Scheme on Mode Choice

Air Quality and Transportation at Yosemite National Park

Fate/Transport of LNAPLs in an Aquifer System

An Analysis on a Trial Operation of Park and Highway Bus Ride System in Hitachi Region, Japan

Reduction of Illinois River Flood Stages by Converting a Few Selected Levee Districts to Managed Storage Areas

The Behavior of Storage Reservoirs in the United States under Climate Change

The Use of the Path Flow Estimator in Multimodal Networks

Bell Street Pier Wave Barrier

Considerations for Seismic Assessment of Existing Petrochemical and Terminal Facilities

Development of the Proposed Pier T Container Terminal at the Port of Long Beach, California

Basic Planning for Ports in a New Offshore Free Trade Zone Development

Structural Damages Caused by Hidden Overloads in a Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Parking Garage: Diagnosis and Repair Procedures

The New Madrid Earthquake: Preparing Nurses

Structural Damage due to Hurricane Marilyn in St. Thomas and Culebra

Development of Natural and External Man Induced Design Code Requirements Applicable to Special Facilities





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