Analytical Studies of the Response of Multi-Column Base Isolated Bridges

Enhanced Damping of Composite-Wrapped Concrete Columns

Updated Data Base: Study on End-Plate Connection's Rigidity

Finite Rotation Effects in 3-D Frame Analysis

Composite Sketch
Composite materials from the aerospace and military sectors are showing promise in highway, bridge and transportation applications. Some of the current and potential applications of composites...

Design of R.C. Columns Subjected to Biaxial Bending Using the Direct Model Inversion (DMI) Method

Column Testing for Geoenvironmental Applications

Stability of Rock Chutes

Permeability and Shear Wave Velocity of Vibro-Replacement Stone Columns

Bottom-Feed Stone Columns, Wet Replacement Construction Method: Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam Modifications

Quality Control of Stone Columns in Variable Soils

Verification of Stone Column Construction Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam

Monterey Breakwater: 60 Years of Satisfactory Performance From Undersized Armor Stone

Soil Improvement for Earthquake Hazard Mitigation
This proceedings, Soil Improvement for Earthquake Hazard Mitigation, contains the eight papers presented at two Geotechnical Engineering Division...

A Dome For the 21st Century
Putting a circular dome on a square building--the classical architectural design challenge--takes on new proportions at the Federal Building and Courthouse in Charleston, W. Va. The 170...

High-Strength Concrete Columns in High-Rise Buildings
Strength and ductility of high-strength concrete columns were investigated by examining available test data. The results are summarized in terms of load and ductility capacities of columns....

First Bank Place: A Composite Cruciform Spine
The First Bank Place, designed by the internationally known architectural firm of Pei Cobb Freed and Partners, is a granite-clad, 56 stories tall building in downtown Minneapolis. Presented...

Application of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns in Tall Buildings in Earthquake Area
In this paper an outline is given of the background, the design concept, structural features, construction and economy of the concrete-filled steel tubular coumns of tall buildings in...

Recent Developments in Seismic Response of Composite Structures
Lack of sufficient data has limited a wider application of structures using mixed steel-concrete construction in seismically active regions. This paper summarizes some recent studies at...

One Peachtree Center: Atlanta Georgia
Presented in this paper are the architectural and structural concepts of One Peachtree Center built in the city of Atlanta. This 62-story tall building has changed the downtown skyline...





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