Testing and Field Performance of the High Strength Fiber Wrapping System

Stability PRovisions in the 1993 AISC LRFD Specification

Partially Restrained Composite Connection Using a Tubular Column and ATLSS Connectors

The Problem with Foundation Design for AASHTO Seismic Performance Category B

An Overview of Codes, Standards and Guidelines for Composite Construction

Experience with Composite Moment Frames

Stability of Stiffened Tubular Members

Design Equations for Cylindrical Steel Members in Offshore Structures

Steel-Frame Buildings in Seismic Regions

A Novel FRP-Concrete Composite Construction for the Infrastructure

Effective Length and Equivalent Imperfection Approaches for Assessing Frame Stability

Notional Load Approach for In-Plane Column Strength in Unbraced Frames

A Critique of Stability Effects in Steel Frames

Simplified K Factors for Stiffness Controlled Designs

Inelastic Analysis and Design of Composite Beam-Columns

Northridge Postscript: Lesson on Steel Connections
Immediately after the Northridge earthquake in January 1994, the general concensus was that steel-framed buildings performed extremely well. Later, inspectors were surprised to find weld...

Stability and Deflections of Braced Columns with Three Unequal Spans

Modeling Inelastic Shear Deformation in RC Beam-Column Joints

Finite Element for R.C. Beam-Column Joints

Effective Length Factor for Columns in Braced and Flexibly Jointed Frames





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