Structural Behaviour of High Strength Concrete Columns

Ten Year Performance of a High Performance Concrete Used to Build Two Experimental Columns

Applications of High-Performance Concrete in Columns and Piers

Lateral Load Behavior of High Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete Columns

Behavior of High-Strength Concrete Beam-Column Joints

Compression Failure in Reinforced Concrete Columns and Size Effect

Rational Design and Operation of Packed Bed Adsorption Reactors
Design of packed bed adsorption reactors is based presently upon the parameter empty bed contact time (EBCT), a fallacious concept. The column wave front behavior, instead, should be the...

Removal of Arsenic From Ground Water Using Granular Activated Carbon
Batch adsorption isotherm studies found that activated carbon (Hydrodarco, 14 X 40 mesh, American Norit) had removals of arsenic as high as 94% for a GAC dosage of 100 g/L and an initial...

Vapor Phase Biofiltration for Removal of VOCs
The selection of an appropriate packing material for the biofiltration process is an important factor in the removal of contaminants from vapor phase. This study evaluates two different...

Simulation of Perilithic Algae as a Biofilm and Its Interaction with the Water Column
A one-dimensional bioflim model has been constructed consisting of a particulate phase of algae and inert material and diffusive transport of nutrients and oxygen. Also included is mass...

On Conductivity of Soils with Preferential Flow Paths
Laboratory soil column experiments were conducted to study the distribution of preferential flow paths resulting from removal of colloidal size clay particles. These experiments specifically...

Alachlor Transport in Laboratory Soil Columns
Spraying of agricultural chemicals result in their travel downward through the unsaturated zone and adsorption to the surrounding soil. Infiltration from rainfall and irrigation solubilize...

Predicting Transport of Organics through Soil Columns using Distributed Mass-Transfer Rates
A numerical model to describe contaminant transport through soil columns, including distributed mass-transfer, is developed. Both a gamma distribution and a lognormal distribution are...

Observations of Tidal Circulation in Mamala Bay, Hawaii
A comprehensive measurement program, designed to study circulation processes and support hydrodynamic modeling, has been carried out in Mamala Bay on the south coast of the Island of Oahu,...

Inelastic Response of Columns after Sudden Loss of Bracing

Buckling of Laminated Composite Beams

Long Term Behavior of Concrete Columns with CFRP

Improving Design in Composite Thin-Walled Columns

Dynamics of Multi-DOF Stochastic Nonlinear Systems

Fire Reliability at Earthquake Occasions





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