Federal Triangle Finale
At 3.1 million sq ft, the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is the second largest U.S. federal building ever constructed; only the Pentagon is larger. After more than...

Hovering Over the Harbor
The $600 million extension to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center features a highly sculpted roof inspired by the uplifting image of seabirds in flight, as well as a 300-ft-long...

Santa Fe Sensation
The new renovation of the Sante Fe Opera Theater is a striking combination of architecture and engineering. The owners wanted to upgrade amenities, especially ADA compliance, and to protect...

State of the Arts
The complicated structural engineering that went into the Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth, Texas, allows patrons and performers to focus fully on the arts, and...

From Art to Science: Bridge Scour Countermeasures

Gully Stabilization Methods Utilizing Launching Stone

Drainage Capacity of Stone Columns or Gravel Drains for Mitigating Liquefaction

Soil-Cement Pile/Column: A System of Deep Mixing

Swing Method for Deep Mixing

Pre-Construction Aspects of Deep Soil-Cement Mising for CA/T Project

Repair and Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Analytical Modeling of Composite Reinforced Concrete-Steel Systems

Design Philosophy of Semi-Rigid Steel Connections in Seismic Zones

High Rotational Capacity Moment Connections

Differential Shortening in Tall Concrete Buildings

Design Methodologies to Retrofit Steel Moment Frame Connections

SAC Phase 1 Experimental Investigations of Pre-Northridge and Repaired Beam-Column Connection Subassemblages

Evaluation of the Benefit of Strengthening Existing Beam - Column Welds

Stone Arch Aqueducts of the C&O Canal

Assessment, Maintenance, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Masonry Arch Bridges in the USA





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