Problems in Calibrating Conceptual Rainfall Runoff Models

Reduction of Illinois River Flood Stages by Converting a Few Selected Levee Districts to Managed Storage Areas

Allocation of Water Withdrawals in a River Basin

Storm Water Permitting in the Milwaukee River Basin

Approaches and Levels of Service Analysis for an Area Subject to Interbasin Flow Transfers

Decision Support System for River Basin Water Management

Maintenance of Stormwater Retrofit Projects

Flood Management that Revitalizes a Community

Effectiveness of a Combined Urban Wetland Detention Basin: First Results

Development of a GIS-Based Watershed Assessment Model: Application to the Kentucky River Basin

Propagation and Transformation of Nonlinear Shallow Water Waves in Irregular Basins

Quantification of Incident Wave Conditions in a Laboratory Model Basin

Biodetention: A Best Management Practice for Nonpoint Source Pollution

Sim City of Angels
Using advanced computing techniques, UCLA researchers are developing a virtual model of the entire 4,000 sp mi Los Angeles basin. Accurate to the level of graffiti on the walls and store...

Sediment Transport in the Barataria Basin

Simulation of Alluvial Processes in Evolving Channel Networks

Single Outlet Detention Pond Design and Analysis Equation

Design Considerations for Multiple Detention Systems

Overtopping Prevention of the Harrow Debris Basin in Los Angeles County

Water Quality Detention Basin Analysis





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