Retrofitting SMRF Connections: Lessons Learned

Structural Fire Design, North American Perspective

Vibration of Steel Framed Residential Floor Systems: Preliminary Guidelines

Proposed Provisions for Steel Erection Safety: Design Implications

Study on Composite Panels Consisting of Cold-Formed Steel Channels and Plywood with Self-Drilling Screws

Fatigue Evaluations in Steel Bridges Using Field Monitoring Equipment

Seismic Retrofit Considerations for California Steel Plate Girder Bridges

Optimal Design of Steel Transmission Poles

Design Methodologies to Retrofit Steel Moment Frame Connections

Is Steel Frame Damage Being Diagnosed Correctly?

Lifetime Reliability Profiles for Steel Girder Bridges

Testing of Repaired Steel Moment Connections

Steel Post-Tensioning Tendon Behavior: Up to 35-Year Marine Exposure

Journal of Composites for Construction
The Journal of Composites for Construction publishes original research papers, review papers, and case studies dealing with the use of fiber-reinforced composite materials in construction. Of special interest...

Development of High Performance Steels for Commercial and Military Applications

Material Development for High-Performance Bridge Steels

Barriers to the Use of High Performance Steel in I-Girder Highway Bridges

Bridges of the 21st Century with High Performance Steel

Improved Analysis Techniques for the Capacity and Fatigue Assessment of TPG Railway Bridges

Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Victoria Bridge





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