Earthquake Response Analysis of Steel Building Frames Considering Brittle Fractures at Member-Ends

Tubular Steel Walls for Residential Construction

UK Connection Design

Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) in Structural Steel: Status and the Future

Survey of Steel Roof Systems

Downtown Goes Uptown in Stainless Steel
In an unusual urban planning endeavor, a business district in Houston upgraded infrastructure, and added stainless steel design elements to unify the area. About $11 million was raised...

On Wave and Force Uncertainty for Steel Structures

Austin Bergstrom International Airport Traffic Control Tower: Establishment of a Major Activity Level Tower

Dispersive Wave Methods for Unknown Pile Lengths

ASCE is Preparing a Pipeline Manual?

Rancho Penasquitos Pipeline Public Affairs Support

Water Line Splitting in Gainesville, Florida

Extending the Life of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe with Pulse Cathodic Protection

Soap Lake Siphon Receives Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of 183 cm PCCP with Steel Plate Liners

Snow Deformation Beneath a Vertically Loaded Plate: Formation of Presswure Bulb with Limited Lateral Displacement

Cold Formed Steel Arches for Antarctica

Integration of Steel Building Design Software Across Disciplines

Evaluation Findings for Tekton, Inc. Steel Rubber Bearings
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC), a CERF Service Center. This report summarizes the results of a detailed evaluation...

Restoring Southern California Steelhead: Dam. Why Care?





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