Spin Fin Pile Performance for Offshore Structures

Using Micropiles for Slope Stabilization

Test Loading of Piles and New Proof Testing Procedure

Field Trials with Large Diameter Suction Piles

Shear Transfer Behavior of a 30-in. Pile in Silty Clay

Energy Piles: Using Deep Foundations as Heat Exchangers

Ocean-Wave Forces on Circular Cylindrical Piles

Offshore Technology in Civil Engineering
Hall of Fame Papers from the Early Years: Volume Six
Prepared by the Program Committee of the Offshore Technology Conference of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute of ASCE. This series presents...

Cyclic Static Model Pile Tests in a Centrifuge

Seismic Behavior of Tubular Steel Offshore Platforms

The Influence of Chain Friction on Anchor Pile Design

Comparing Costs on Driven Pile Projects

Sheet Pile Supported Bridge Abutments for Accelerated Bridge Construction

Forces Induced by Breakers on Piles

Load Test Options for Helical Piles Using the Osterberg Cell

Shaft Capacity of Driven Piles in Clay

Development of Method for Measuring Susceptibility of Steel Plate to Lamellar Tearing

Critical State Soil Mechanics Model of Soil Consolidation Stresses around a Driven Pile

An Experimental Study on the Behaviour of Full-Scale Composite Steel Frames under Furnace Loading
In view of recent large fires in tall buildings, such as One Meridian Square (USA), East Tower Central Park (Venezuela), World Trade Center (USA) and Windsor Tower (Spain), there has been...

Application of Critical State Soil Mechanics to the Prediction of Axial Capacity for Driven Piles in Clay





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