Toe Penetration Requirements for Tieback Walls

Experience with Steel Seal Membranes for Liners in Pressure Shafts and Tunnels

Performance of Multiple Retention Systems during Cut and Cover Tunnel Construction

Shoring for Leslie Station: Design Assessment and Construction Performance

Automatic Real-Time Coastal Bridge Scour Measurements

Analysis, Design, Construction, and Testing of Deep Foundations
This proceedings, Analysis, Design, Construction, and Testing of Deep Foundations, consists of papers presented at the OTRC `99 Conference...

Case Studies in Optimal Design and Maintenance Planning of Civil Infrastructure Systems
Sponsored by the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. This collection contains 19 papers on the optimal design and maintenance planning of civil...

Structural Engineering in the 21st Century
This proceedings, Structural Engineering in the 21st Century, contains papers presented at the 1999 New Orleans Structures Congress held on...

Repairing Highways after Earthquakes

Girth Joints in Steel Pipelines Subjected to Wrinkling and Ovalling

Seismic Assessment of Concrete-Filled Steel Frame Substations

Improving the Seismic Resistance of Steel Tanks: Technical and Cost Implications

Design of an Isolated Steel Bridge for Serviceability

Seismic Response of Bridges with Soil–Foundation Flexibilities and Skew Effects

Risk Evaluation of Special Moment-Resisting Frames under an Earthquake

Seismic Behavior of On-Grade Steel Tanks: Fragility Curves

Pile Design in Saline Permafrost at Longyearbyen

From Antarctica to Mars

Installation and Evaluation of Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Alaska Soils

Helical Piling Foundations in Juneau, Alaska





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