Seismic Assessment of Concrete-Filled Steel Frame Substations

Large Deformation Behavior of Pipelines with Elbows

Improving the Seismic Resistance of Steel Tanks: Technical and Cost Implications

Design of an Isolated Steel Bridge for Serviceability

Risk Evaluation of Special Moment-Resisting Frames under an Earthquake

Seismic Behavior of On-Grade Steel Tanks: Fragility Curves

From Antarctica to Mars

Installation and Evaluation of Driven Steel Pipe Piles in Alaska Soils

Rehabilitation of 19th Century Water Mains

An Innovative Solution for the Repair of the Sepulveda Feeder

Effect of Multiple Floating Events on a 275 cm (108-inch) Diameter Pipeline

Corrosion Control Philosophy on a Large Concrete Pipeline System

PCCP Repair with Steel Liner and Polyurethane

Towering Over Xiamen (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
Composite structural systems are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for high-rise buildings, due to their high strength and stiffness, large ductility, and convenient, economical construction....

Strengthening Beam-Column Joints with Composites

Back from the Brink
The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States, has been moved to prevent it from toppling into the sea as a result of coastal erosion. Engineers from...

On the Wild Side
Designers of today's roller coasters are constantly looking for new ways to exhilarate riders, from higher drops to tighter turns to launch mechanisms that exert more force...

Advancing Composites (Available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)
Advanced composites, particularly fiber-reinforced polymers, have received considerable attention from bridge owners over the last few years, as cost-effective, durable alternatives to...

Considering the Options (Available in Structural Engineering Special Section only)
In work for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), Sverdrup Civil, Inc. performed a seismic evaluation and developed a seismic retrofit strategy for the Poplar Street Bridge...

Steel or Concrete Arch Likely for Hoover Dam Bypass





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