Behaviour and Cracking of Slabs as Part of Composite Beams in Regions with Negative Bending Moments

Limited Mobility Displacement Grouting: When Compaction Grout is Not Compaction Grout

Behavior of Lightweight Cementitious Cellular Grouts

Control of Fluid Properties of Particulate Grouts: Part 1 - General Concepts

Control of Fluid Properties of Particulate Grouts: Part 2 - Case Histories

Displacement Grouting Used in Abandoned Mine Lands

Selective Withdrawal at Hungry Horse Dam, Montana

Relationship of Emigration of Silver American Eels (Anguilla rostrata) to Environmental Variables at a Low Head Hydro Station

Increased Profits from Low-head Hydropower Sites

Corrosion Pitting at Ellis and Whillock Stations

Short Payback Period of Turbine Control and Monitoring Systems for Low Head Powerstations

Reliability and Efficiency Benefits of Online Trash Rack Monitoring

The PowerWheel Demonstration Project

Flap Gate for Hydraulic Head Control

Mass Transport Computation in Shallow Turbulent Flows Using the Lagrangian Second Moment Method

A Continuum Theory for Evolution of Soft Sediment Beds with Application to Sediment Dynamics

Head Recovery in the Tailwater of Low Head Hydro Power Stations

Structural Modifications at Hydro Dams: An Opportunity for Fish Enhancement

Local Scouring Downstream of Positive Step Stilling Basins

Design of Spillway Deflectors for Ice Harbor Dam to Reduce Supersaturated Dissolved Gas Levels Downstream





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