Conical Test Load Measuring Compressibility
(Originally published in J. of Geotechnical Engineerin, 1993, 119(5) 965-971.)...

CoreBites: Industry News — Student Aid for Geoscience Students to Top $2.7 Million in 2008; 2008 EERI Annual Meeting, Katrina — Lessons for Earthquake Risk Reduction, Feb 6-9, 2008, Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, New Orleans, LA. ASDSO Announces '07-'08 Winners; Cone Penetrating Test Book, Pennoni Ranks Number 11, In Memoriam

Structures: Modular Classrooms Feature Seismic, Wind Stability

NewsBriefs: Major Seismic Event in California Predicted

Bridge Assessment: A Case History

Simulating Radionuclide Transport Away from an Underground Nuclear Test: Linking Non-Isothermal Flow and Mechanistic Reactive Transport
The low-yield (0.75 kiloton) Cambric underground nuclear test situated in alluvium below the water table offers unique perspectives on radionuclide transport in groundwater. The Cambric...

Coupling Physical, Chemical, or Biological Methods for Innovative Groundwater Remediation Coupled Polymer Floods and Bio-Chemical Remediation Techniques for Enhanced Groundwater Treatment
Many groundwater remediation techniques are designed to remove or destroy contaminants in situ, but these goals can be accomplished only by...

Permits, Surface Water/Groundwater Baseline Sampling, and Analysis of Dewey-Burdock In Situ Uranium Project in Fall River County, South Dakota
Powertech Uranium Corporation has proposed to conduct in situ mining within a uranium enriched ore deposit on the proposed permit area known as the Dewey-Burdock project. The project is...

Maximum Weighted Log-Likelihood Estimation for Parameterization Selection Uncertainty
Hydraulic conductivity identification remains a challenging inverse problem in groundwater modeling because of inherent non-uniqueness and lack of flexibility in parameterization methods....

Summary of Approaches for Estimating Playa Lake Flooding
Playa, or terminal, lakes are common in semi- and arid environments; and their characteristic level, hard, and usually dry surfaces make them ideal for airports, as they are used in the...

Earthquake Engineering: Largest Reservoir in San Francisco Seismically Stabilized

Earthquake Engineering: Seismic Challenges, Solutions Differ for Twin Veterans Hospitals

NewsBriefs: Seismic Waves Measured in the Field

Non-Destructive Strength Evaluation of a Continuous, Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridge
In the state of New Mexico, a significant number of reinforced concrete slab (RCS) bridges provide service on interstate highways I-10, I-25, and I-40 that are subjected to large amounts...

Construction Begins on San Pablo Dam's Latest Seismic Upgrade

USGS Updates National Seismic Hazard Maps

CoreBits: G-I Organizational Member News — 2008 GRL Foundation Testing Seminars and Workshops; GeoStructures Increased Use of Environment-Friendly and Patented Technologies for Soil Reinforcement; S&ME Adds Two Engineers in Raleigh Branch;

People: Bonneville to Chair Building Seismic Safety Council

Evaluating Deep Foundations by In-Situ Tests

Port of Los Angeles Risk Management Strategies
This paper examines risk management strategies for the port of Los Angeles. Topics include its importance to the economy, potential port risks, seismic risk strategies, and terrorist risk...





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