Geotechnical Characterization Field Measurement, and Laboratory Testing of Municipal Solid Waste

Cyclic Static Model Pile Tests in a Centrifuge

Seismic Behavior of Tubular Steel Offshore Platforms

Taipei Performance Center Will Feature Seismic Isolators And Projecting Auditoriums

Viscous Wall Dampers Enhance Hospital's Seismic Performance

Harnessing In-Situ Biogeochemical Systems for Natural Ground Imporvement

Load Test Options for Helical Piles Using the Osterberg Cell

Field Test Examines Seismic Threat to California Levees, Water Supply

Effects of Offshore Sampling and Testing on Undrained Soil Shear Strength

Sustainable Wastewater Management in Developing Countries: New Paradigms and Case Studies from the Field By Carsten Hollaender Laugeson and Ole Fryd with Thammarat Koottatep and Hans Brix. Reston, Virginia: asce Press, 2010

Characterizing the Seismic Threat to California's Water Supply

What's Shaking in Seismic Design of Earth Retaining Structures?

Seismic Retrofit to Transform Route to Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Awards Construction Contracts On Two Key Seismic Retrofit Projects

Mechanistic-Based Field Evaluation of Pavement Foundation

NewsBriefs: Seafloor Seismic Station Linked to Monitoring Network

San Francisco Nears Start of Major Seismic Upgrade to Hetch Hetchy System

In the Field: Iraqi Professors Visit Oregon State to Study Sustainable Development

The Undisturbed Consolidation Behavior of Clay
(Originally publichshed in ASCE Transactions, 1955, 120, 1201-1233.)...

Discussion of The Standard Penetration Test
(Originally published in Proc. of the Fourth Panamerican Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, ASCE, San Juan, Puerto Rico,1971....





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