Application of MATHCAD in Bridge Design

Shortcomings in Composite Slab Design Codes

Theoretical Investigation of Moment Redistribution in Composite Continuous Beams of Different Classes

Some Remarks on the Ultimate and Serviceability Checks of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams According to Eurocode 4

Cracking of Concrete Mechanical Models of the Design Rules in Eurocode 4

First Building in Austria with a Composite Frame Designed According to ENV 1994-1

An Improved Partial Connection Method for Composite Slab Design

Design Recommendations for Long Span Composite Slabs with Deep Profiled Steel Sheets

Structural Fills: Design, Construction and Performance Review

A Study of Building Deterioration

Evaluation of the Non-Isothermal/Thermal Unsaturated/Saturated Flow and Transport (NUFT) Code Using Analytical Solutions

Pumped-Up Pumping Stations
The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, a public utility serving Prince Georges County and Montgomery County, Md., publishes a design guide (DG-04) to help outside consultants meet...

Who's Minding the Store? The Structural Engineer's Role

Hurricane Andrew: An Argument to Abolish Prescriptive Building Codes

Guidelines for Seismic Evaluation and Design of Petrochemical Facilities
These guidelines are intended to provide practical recommendations on several areas which affect the safety of a petrochemical facility during and following an earthquake. In the area...

Wind Loads and Anchor Bolt Design for Petrochemical Facilities
Current codes and standards do not address many of the structures found in the petrochemical industry. Therefore, many engineers and companies involved in the industry have independently...

Nationwide Licensing for Contractors

A Standards Usage Support Environment

An Engineer's Perspective of the New Advances in Residential Steel Framing Technology

Status of ASCE Standard on Design and Construction of Frost Protected Shallow Foundations





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