An Approach for the Interoperation of Web-Distributed Applications with a Design Model

Agents and Components of Building Regulation Processing

Overview of ASTM Proposed Standard Guide to the Process of Sustainable Brownfields Redevelopment

ASCE Official Register 1997
The OFFICIAL REGISTER is published annually to provide ready access to governing documents, statistics, and general information about ASCE for leadership, members, and staff. It includes...

Seismic Performance of Architectural Glazing Systems

Progress of the ASTM Standard on Fenestration Relative to Windstorms and its Relationship to Building Codes

A Continuing Education Program Involving A Partnership Among Building Designers, Constructors, and Code Enforcers

Seismic Education Needs of the Building Trades and Code Enforcement Personnel

Development of Natural and External Man Induced Design Code Requirements Applicable to Special Facilities

New USGS Seismic Hazard Maps for the United States

A Rapid Barrier Island Hazard Mapping Technique as a Basis for Property Damage Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Beware of Flying Cranes - and Disconnected Codes

Glazed Opening Designs for Windborne Debris Impact

On Housing Administration and Legislation of Egypt

An Expert System for Wind-Resistant Residential Construction

Joint Effort by ASCE and FEMA to Develop Flood Hazard Mitigation Standards

Building Seismic Safety Council Project '97

A National Standard for Flood-Resistant Design and Construction

A Critical Evaluation of Current Approaches to Earthquake Resistant Design

Major New Seismic Provisions Proposed for the 1997 UBC





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