Domesticating Steel
Residential contractors, nervous about fluctuations in lumber prices and quality, would welcome steel framing into the housing market if the necessary infrastructure were in place. Despite...

Reliability and Risk Considerations in Offshore Design and Operations

Redesigning Urban Expressways to Promote Sustainable Development: Ideas Applicable to Central Florida

Road LOS Standards and Land Use Density: Making the Connection

Community-Based Street Design Standards

Portland Regional Transportation Plan: Level of Service Analysis

Creating Livable Street Design Guidelines for Metro's 2040 Growth Concept and Regional Transportation Plan

Development of Boundary International Water Quality Standards

Future Fire Codes
Performance-based fire codes are a trend worldwide. The idea is to get away from prescriptive, cook-book codes that dictate design. Performance based codes should be more rational and...

Standard for Testing of Ground-Water Modeling Codes

Empirical Verification of Soil-Structure Interaction Provisions in Building Codes

Rethinking the Approach to Engineering Pipelines

Unified Design Methodology for Most Pipeline Materials

Practical Repair Procedures for Concrete Pressure Pipe

The Search for HPC (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
High-performance concrete (HPC) is often overlooked by engineers because its properties are not well documented. Concrete Clinic International conducted a study to learn more about the...

Rule-Based Approach for Design Standards Scope Representation

A Regional Attempt to Implement Bar-Code Control in Construction Projects

Standard Data Exchange Format for Scheduling Software

Design Cases: A Supplementary Knowledge Source for Structural Component Design

A Hybrid Prescriptive-/Performance-Based Approach to Automated Building Code Checking





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