Distribution of Reynolds Stress above a Packed Bed in Open Channel Flow

A Space Systems Testbed for Situated Agent Observability and Interaction

Accessible Information
As the amount of data relating to U.S. environmental policy grows, geographic information systems and advanced visualization system technology are being applied extensively to site investigations...

Historical Perspective of Spatial Flow Data Visualization Techniques in GIS

Extracting Watershed Characteristics from Spatial Digital Data Using GIS, A Case Study of the Great Miami River Basin

Effect of Sidewalks and Railings on Wheel Load Distribution in Steel Girder Bridges

Visualization of Spatial and Geometric Databases for Construction Projects

Recent Developments in Stochastic Mechanics Relevant to Earthquake Engineering

Higher Moments of Weighted Integrals of Non-Gaussian Fields

Bayesian Assessment and Selection of Models for Structural Reliability Analysis

Common and Variable Characteristics in Spatially Recorded Seismic Ground Motions

Reliability Analysis of Pipeline on Elastic Seafloor

Reliability Based Design of Reinforced Earth Structures

Probabilistic Assessment on Variability of Mechanical Properties of Rock Masses

Probabilistic Solutions to Geotechnical Problems

A Neural Network Approach for Site Characterization and Uncertainty Prediction

Analyzing Spatial Variability of In Situ Soil Properties

Geostatistical Assessment of Spatial Variability in Piezocone Tests

Spatial Variability of Soil Parameters

Influence of Spatial Variability of Soil Properties on Seismically Induced Soil Liquefaction





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