Bayesian Assessment and Selection of Models for Structural Reliability Analysis

FLODRO 2.0: A User Friendly Personal Computer Package for Flood and Drought Frequency Analyses
The use of personal computers have changed dramatically the way to perform several studies related with hydrological problems. The increased capabilities of the current generation of personal...

Higher Moments of Weighted Integrals of Non-Gaussian Fields

Research Program for Reducing Frost Heave with Geosynthetic Capillary Barriers

Simulation of Suspended Particles Transport in the Entrance Region of Tube Flow

Upscaling of Pore-Scale Concepts to Develop Models of NAPL Ganglion Dynamics

An Economy and Risk Analysis of Installed Capacity Expansion at the Three Gorges Power Plant
This paper studies the possibility and economy of peak-regulation operation during flood period at the Three Gorges reservoir, which will at the same time satisfy the requirements for...

Probabilistic Stability Analysis of Shallow Arches

Frequency Distributions and Bayesian Techniques for Estimating Performance in Composite Materials

Upgrading a Cellular Sheetpile Wharf Structure for Post-Panamax Crane Operation, Port of Portland, Oregon

Fort Peck Reservoir Monte Carlo Simulation Model

Conveyance Distribution to Define Flow Boundaries at Culverts

Critical Period Yield Versus Probabilistic Yield for Water Supply Systems

Reliability Assessment of Underground Shaft Closure

Experimental Evaluation of Wheel Load Distribution on Steel I-Girder Bridges

Texture Development and Anisotropy in Plasticity

Nonlinear Composite Plate Displacements Considering Transverse Shear

Case Combination and Adaptation of Building Spaces

Three-Dimensional Stress Analysis of the First Molar

Interactive Finite-Element Generation of Bridge Load Distribution Factors





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