Spatial Decorrelation Scales in Coastal Regions: A Precursor to More Accurate Data Assimilation

Monitoring and Performance Analysis of Protection Works at Rosslare Strand
Post construction monitoring and performance analysis has become an important part of many major coastal protection projects. In the past such work was carried out very much on an ad-hoc...

Measuring Key Physical Processes in a California Lagoon
A focused data collection program was completed in support of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers feasibility study of restoration alternatives for protecting and managing the habitat in Bolinas...

Use of Geomorphic Data for Assessing Stream Stability at Bridge Structures

Real-Time Data Collection of Scour Bridges

A National Bridge Scour Data Collection Program

Merging Field and Laboratory Bridge Scour Data

The Collection of Clear-Water Contraction and Abutment Scour Data at Selected Bridge Sites in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont of South Carolina

U.S. Geological Survey Field Measurements of Pier Scour

Using Geophysical Data to Assess Scour Development

Risk Analysis of River Bridge Failure

Modeling Spatial Variability in Pile Capacity for Reliability-Based Design

Noncontact Nondestructive Testing for Structure Health Monitoring

Tomography to Evaluate Site Conditions during Tunneling

Development of a Sediment Budget for the West and Southwest Coasts of Barbados

Longshore Drift Evaluation on a Groyned Shingle Beach Using Field Data

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Historical and Active Tidal Inlets: Delmarva Peninsula and New Jersey, U.S.A.

Regional Sediment Management uUing High Density Lidar Data

Risk-Based Corrective Measures for Waste Management Facility Closure
(No paper) In the past several years, risked-based corrective measure has been gradually accepted by federal and state agencies as a standard practice for site remediation or site closure....

Estimation of Peak Flood Discharge for Halilrood Basin, Iran
The peak flood discharge from catchments is one of important information needed for the planning of the water resources projects. In many cases long term data of annual runoff are not...





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