Integration of Nondestructuve Evaluation Methods and Bridge Management Systems

Automated Survey of Pavement Surface Distress: Current Technologies and New Approaches

An Evaluation of Data Needs to Support Flood Frequency Estimation at Regulated Sites

Water and Energy Balances and Their Spatial Distribution in a Catchment of Complex Land Use

Thermal Bar Dynamics in the Two Largest Lakes in Europe

Multi-Disciplinary Data for Estuarine Modeling

An Optimal Design of Field Data Collection for Improving Numerical Hydrodynamic Model Verification

Analysis of Stability of River Network Geomorphologic Parameters Using DEM Data of Japanese Catchments

Sampling Non-Uniform Gravels Exhibiting Spatial Variability

Temporal Variations of Temperature in the Sacramento River

Conjunctive Use of Geophysical or Tracer Data with Hydrogeological Testing for Enhanced Site Characterization

Solute Transport at the Borden Field Experiment: Grain- and Field-Scale Rate Limitations

Comparison of Stochastic Simulations of Flow and Transport in Groundwater Based on Two Different Hydraulic Conductivity Data Sets

Debris-Flow Hazard Map Units from Gridded Probabilities

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Debris-Flow Occurrence on Slopes in the Eastern Alps

On the Importance of Mudflow Routing

Sustainable Development, Botswana Style
A sustainable development project in Botswana, Africa, collected information on industrial wastes. Sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present...

Spatial Analysis in Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
This Geotechincal Special Publication contains the papers presented by the invited speakers in the sessions on Spatial Analysis in Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering held during...

Getting More from Flow Monitoring Data

Intelligent Data Assessment for Underground Infrastructure Rehabilitation





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