Use of Temperature Control Curtains to Modify Reservoir Release Temperatures

Advanced Instrumentation for the Collection, Retrieval, and Processing of Urban Stormwater Data

Assessing Integrity of Agricultural Weather Data

Multivariate Stochastic Modeling and Optimal Filtering for Weather Network Data Quality Control

The Real Potential of Automated Weather Networks

Research Study on Frazil Ice Control at a Hydroelectric Plant

Field Assessment Methodology for Identification of Potential Pollution Sources in Wellhead Protection

Verification of Stone Column Construction Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam

Benchmarking the Preproject-Planning Process

Management System Data Requirements - Boon or Burden?

Data Collection and Analysis Methods to Support Congestion Management Systems

ASCE Salary Survey 1995
The 23rd biennial ASCE salary survey of the civil engineering profession conducted by the ASCE Committee on Employment Conditions during the first quarter of 1995 is presented. It consists...

Hydraulic Design of Spillways
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 12. This manual presents guidance for the hydraulic...

Rural Migration Decision Relating to Yucca Mountain

Updated Data Base: Study on End-Plate Connection's Rigidity

Automated Labor and Equipment Card (ALEC)

Water Quality Data Management-Survey of US Agencies

Of Tools and Toys: Software for Water Resources Decision Support Systems (DSS)

Session VI - BMP Monitoring for Data Transferability - Discussion

Geophysical Expression of the Ghost Dance Fault, Yucca Mountain, Nevada





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