Estimation of Spatial Distribution of Recharge Factors at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

The Role of Ground-Water Travel Time in Suitability and Licensing

Human Factors Data Collection and Analysis for Operational Evaluation and Performance Assessment

On Significance of Route Specific Data for Transportation Risk Analysis

Unsaturated Zone Transport Modeling of the Greater Confinement Disposal Site

Canisters and Nonfuel Components at Commercial Nuclear Reactors

Technical Data Hierarchy and Control at the Yucca Mountain Project

A Public Informed on Nuclear Waste Issues Favors Reprocessing

The Influence of the 3-Dimensional Spatially Variable Rock Properties Upon Parameters Describing Upsacled Solute Transport

Computer Aided Pipeline Design: A Step-by-Step Description of the Process

An Improved System for Hydroturbine Index Testing

The Use of a New Canadian Test Stand for Micro-Turbines Efficiency Tests

WUATSA—Weighted Usable Area Time Series Analysis

Runner's Hydraulic Passage and Blade Geometry Recovery

Techniques for Validating Historical Hydrometeric Data

Spatial Variation of Runoff and Erosion under Grass and Shrub Cover on a Semiarid Rangeland

A Distributed Watershed Model for the Prediction of Annual Sediment Load

A Systems Engineering Approach to Distributed Hydrologic Modeling

Experiences in Estimating Curve Numbers From Rainfall Simulation Data

Outliner Detection in Annual Maximum Flow Series





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