Time Management for Engineers and Constructors
This book describes solutions to the problem of why it is that engineers who pride themselves on logical thinking and efficiency are not more successful in time management. It provides...

Experimental Inversion for Lateral-Rocking Impedance Matrix

Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Thermal Stratification in Cooling Ponds

Detecting Bridge Scour by Measuring the Thermal Variation Across the Stream Bed

A Study on Time-Space Occupancy Exposure Volume Index for the Residential Streets Interacted by Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic Streams

Fully Nonlinear Simulation of Ocean Waves in Interaction with Offshore Structures—Project UNDA

Studies on Travel Demand and Traffic Forecasting for China's Expressway

Harbour Resonance and Wave Disturbance Studies in Baleeira Harbour by Using the DREAMS Numerical Model

The Connection Between Public Transit and Employment: Is Bus Transit a Solution to Spatial Mismatch?

Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Large Diameter Pile Foundations for the Bay Bridge

Airport and Airline Competition in a Multiple Airport Region: An Analysis Based on the Nested Logit Model

An Extremal Analysis System and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Meteorological and Oceanographic Elements Around the Coasts of Japan

Continuumization of Spatial Network Data

Spatial Evaluation of Earthquake Induced Deformations

An Analysis on a Trial Operation of Park and Highway Bus Ride System in Hitachi Region, Japan

Modeling the Great Lakes Net Basin Supplies Series Using SAMS

Long Term Response Analysis of Fixed and Floating Structures

A Fuzzy Rule-Based Model to Link Circulation Patterns, ENSO, and Extreme Precipitation

Parametric Modeling of Storm Wave Fields Over the Irish Sea, 1955-1993

Site Response Analyses of Vertical Excitation





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