Test Wall Promises Big Savings (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue Only)
A new kind of retaining wall is being tested in Texas at a National Geotechnical Experiment site. The wall is a variation of soil-mixing that uses fewer columns, which saves time, materials...

Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
This revised manual, updated from the previous edition, aims to be the principal reference of contemporary practice for the design of municipal wastewater treatment plants. The manual...

Considerations for Marine Protected Areas: Sizing and Spacing

Mediating Conflicts Between Fish and Oil: A Prototype for Joint Problem Solving of Space-Use and Resource Conflicts

Short-Distance Transport Systems in Japan: Current Status and Future Prospects

Station Capacity: An Issue in PRT System Planning

Inclined Elevators of Nishinomiya Najio New Town

Upgrading for ATO on the Yokahama Kanazawa Seaside Line

Planning, Design and Construction of the Pier B Railyard for the Port of Long Beach

A Tale of Two Bids
In early 1992, the Escambia County Utilities Authority determined that its 2 mgd Avondale Wastewater Treatment Plant should be expanded to 8 mgd to meet the growing needs of the Pensacola,...

Applications of Space Technology to Aid in Identification of Seismic Hazards

Tunneling Against Time (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
The phenomenal growth of Las Vegas has prompted nearly $1 billion worth of water-supply projects. A $33 million tunnel scheme—a critical element of the new construction—is on pace. The...

Contractors Waterproof Rail Station In Spite of Winter Conditions

The Hartford Coliseum Space Truss Failure—A Retrospective

Union Station Seismic Upgrade

Compression Tests of Double Angles with Variable Stitch Bolt Spacing

BART on a Roll
The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) opened its Pittsburg/Bay Point Station ahead of schedule, and now the district sets to work on an ambitious 14-mi rail system extension...

Safety Benefits of Access Spacing

Space Headway and Safety of Platooning Highway Traffic

A Strategic Management Tool for Subway Station Rehabilitation and Planning





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