Faster, Cheaper, Better: Teleoperated Space Robots

Studies in Guidance, Navigation and Control for an Articulated-Body Mars Rover Testbed

Development of a Mobile Instrument Deployment Device (MIDD)

Lunar Base Scenario for Middle School with RC Rover

Load Space Formulation for Reliability Estimation of Complex Structures

Robotics for Challenging Environments
This proceedings, Robotics for Challenging Environments, consists of papers presented at the Specialty Conference held in Albuquerque, New...

Optimization of Large Scientific Structures

Structural Design of Sky-light Space Frames

Impact of Steel Fibers and Stirrup Spacing on Compression Strut Capacity

Bart to the Future
Construction has reached the midway point on the $2.7 billion San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Extensions Program. The first three extensions, due to open in 1995, will expand...

Flexible Membrane Liners
Unless there is a long-range plan for the postclosure use of a landfill--such as turning it into a golf course or a park--final grades are usually designed to be as high and as steep as...

Joint Spacing Criterion for Equivalent Continuum Model

Support Spacing of Buried and Above-Ground Piping

Hydropower Application of Confined Space Regulations

Space Planning Applications In Multi-Story Buildings

I.P.L. Space Trusses: Structural Performance and Analysis
The utilization of the fast working massively parallel computers in solving intense numerical problems, in the field of structural engineering left disappointed many of practical engineers....

Real-time Motion Vision for Robot Control in Unstructured Environments
The control of robots in unstructured environments demands real-time, general purpose vision. We have designed a visual tracking system which makes use of motion to pick out and track...

Application of Virtual Reality to Space Robotics Operations
This paper discusses a Virtual Reality (VR) simulation under development by the Automation and Robotics (A&R) Division at the Johnson Space Center (JSC). Over the past twelve years,...

GPS-Based Control for Space Vehicle Rendezvous
The recent advent of Differential Carrier Phase Global Position System (GPS) sensing has made it possible to determine relative positions of GPS receiver-equipped systems to less than...

Conceptual Design and Characteristics of A Dual-Arm Cam-Lock Manipulator
Recent developments in the area of smart structures indicate that variable geometry/stiffness truss network is of fundamental importance in designing smart transformable structures and...





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