Peru's Program for Disaster Mitigation 1992-1995

Natural Hazards Mitigation in South Carolina

Cooperative Efforts for Earthquake Risk Management in Developing Countries

Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation in the Americas

The Intergovernmental Meeting of Hemispheric Environmental Technical Experts 11/1995: Projects and Priority Issues

Non-Point Source Pollution Assessment of Mirror Lake Watershed, North Dakota

Water Rights and Markets in Latin America

The Regulation of the Private Provision of Water-Related Services in Latin America

Mix Use Entertainment/Office Tower with Multiple Substructures

Infrastructure Opportunities in Chile
Chile has a stable government and a flourishing economy. The nation needs a drastic infrastructure upgrade to continue that prosperity. Capital is short, and the country is embarking on...

Analysis of the Effectiveness of FTMS: A Korean Case

Fatal Accidents and Labor Effectiveness: The Brazilian Case

Papallacta River Basin Hydro Expansion Plan

Key Design and Construction Features of Sanchung Pumped-Storage Power Project, Korea

The Bulb Turbine Design of the Nineties Applied in a Brazilian Powerplant

The July 1996 Flood on a Trans DMZ River in Korea

Reservoir Reliability Design Under Interannual Climatic and Hydrologic Variability

South-American River Navigation System and Some Ecologic Problems

Restructuring a Korean Construction Company from Learning Organization Perspectives

Construction Management, An Emerging Role in Korean Construction Industry





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